Sarah Zaharanski is a German speaking actress from Austria, currently living in Austria and Germany. Born and raised in Salzburg, she works in theatre and film industry and is known for the German televisioni series 'Mountain Medic', Austrian television series 'Vienna Crime Squad' and shooting 'Letzter Kirtag' with prize winning director Julian Pölsler. Sarah Zaharanski speaks German, English (British & American), French and elementary Hebrew.


Die Theorie der Innovation
written and directed by Dominik Tremel

Leipziger Hörspielsommer

Hörspielsommer im GRASSI



Ich bin der, den jeder Politiker kennt, Ö1
written and directed by Claudia Gschweitl
wins prize at Radiopreis der Erwachsenenbildung 2018

Chicken or Pasta?, Ö1
written by Klemens Renoldner
directed by Karin Buttenhauser

Am Himmel, Ö1
novel by Anna-Elisabeth Mayer
directed by Karin Buttenhauser



Darbo Fruchtikus, TV spot
Jeep, TV spot
Milka, TV spot
Digital Austria, image film

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